Acrylic Imprint Rolling Pins

Doodle-A-Cake offers several distinct types of rolling pins that are must-haves in your kitchen tools / fondant tools collection. They are namely:


1. Non-Stick Rolling Pins

These non-stick rolling pins come in 3 different sizes. They are made of high quality polyethylene, and is ideal for fondant, marzipan, dough, pastries etc.


2. Plastic Textured Rolling Pins

Doodle-A-Cake carries 2 designs - the Basket Weave Fondant Rolling Pin, and the Swirls & Twirls Fondant Embossing Rolling Pin.


3. Acrylic Imprint Rolling Pins

Doodle-A-Cake carries a large variety of arcylic textured rolling pins, each with their own unique design. They create beautiful imprints, bringing your cake up a notch in creativity and design. These versatile rolling pins are also ideal for sugarpaste, fondant and marzipan etc.

Acrylic Imprint Rolling Pins

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