Fondant Embossing Mats

Doodle-A-Cake has 4 unique imprint / embossing mats specially deisgned for use on fondant. These imprint mats give your cake a beautiful design when finished with the mat. Further, it is easy to use and is highly durable.

These imprint mats are made of quality silicone and is easy to wash for you to use them over and over again, creating cakes that make your guests go WOW!


Step 1: Roll the fondant out evenly on a smooth surface.

Step 2: Place the Fondant Imprint Mat on a clean, smooth (without bumps) and dry surface. Next, Using the Fondant rolling pin, gently lift the fondant onto the imprint mat.

Step 3: Press and roll the fondant firmly on the mat.

Step 4: Lift the mat, together with the fondant, and place it on the cake. Then cover your cakel. This method minimizes contact with the fondant, as excessive touching of the fondant might distort the imprints. 

Fondant Embossing Mats

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